Lucrative Fasteners is an Import company established with an aim to cater to Indian market with different range of products which are excellent in quality and reasonable in prices. Most of the companies importing products in India are trading firms who compromise with quality to maximize profits. We are formed with a far reaching goal of importing high quality products and at the same time, bridge the price gap between inferior and superior quality. Presently the price gap between inferior and superior quality products goes upto 20%. We deeply research the product quality and import only the best quality product. At the same time, we keep a very marginal profit necessary for survival of the organization and bridge the price gap between inferior and superior quality. Moreover, companies who compromise with quality for high price gap do not take into consideration that the rejection rate in low quality product is high and the overall cost of product remains the same after the rejections.

We believe that companies who earlier compromised with quality for a 20% price gap will not easily do so for a marginal price gap. The superior quality of our products enables us to give replacement guarantee against any damages & rejections. This marginal price gap coupled with guarantee against rejections reduces the overall cost of product and thus our privileged customers are benefited. This is our primary motto.

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